Private Guided Tours of Santa Fe and New Mexico

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    Tour Rates and Policies

    I serve as a local and regional guide for individuals, couples and groups for Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico and the Southwest. My quoted tour prices exclude the cost of transportation since most of my work is as a step-on guide accompanying you in your vehicle.

    Tour prices are based on an hourly rate and the number of clients. I typically give clients sightseeing options and their choices customize the tour so the length and total costs are variable. If desired, a fixed itinerary and price can be arranged prior to departure.

    Rate Structure
    To simplify payment, state sales tax is included in the hourly rate.
    Number of
    1-20 ....................$30
    21 & more ............$35

    • Minimum tour length is two hours. In scheduling tours, I prefer as much advance notice as possible but often, if available, I can do tours on short notice.

    • Guide fees are due at the tour's completion. I accept cash, travelers, personal or corporate checks.

    • I carry general liability insurance and am familiar with first aid and CPR and take every reasonable precaution for the client's safety in conducting the tour.

    • My desire is to personally conduct each tour. However, if a scheduling conflict arises, I will make every effort to secure another expert and knowledgeable local guide.

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